Writing and Editing Portfolio:

  • Book: The Reflux Book, A Parent's Guide to Gastroesophageal Reflux is my biggest non-human baby. The gestation took about 16 years and it was finally finished and published in 2007. You can order it on Amazon or you can view it on the book web site at www.refluxbook.com. The page called Inside The Book lets you actually read the book on the screen, but only if you are willing to risk serious eye strain.
  • Highly cited, peer-reviewd article: Tardive Dyskinesia is a bizarre and complicated medical topic that baffles many doctors. I wrote this article about tardive dyskinesia after meeting several children who had this problem. It appeared in Practical Gastroenterology, a peer-reviewed medical journal. The reviewers were experts on TD and were thrilled to have a good overview for physicians that is clear enough for consumers to read. The article was well received by the medical community - At one point, it was illegally re-posted on over a dozen web sites such as Medical News Today. (See for yourself by doing a search on Pulsifer-Anderson and tardive. It used to be on several dozen web sites.)
  • Requested journal article: Helping Families Understand and Manage Pediatric Gastroesophageal Reflux was requested by the editors of Zero To Three, a journal for professionals in early childhood education and early intervention. It has become one of their most popular articles. This article is more formal than my other writing samples and uses AP style with lots of citations.
  • Before and After : I read a very important journal article about reflux medicines causing necrotizing enterocolits. The study was fascinating, but the journal article was too complicated for many health professionals to read. I called the author and asked if I could re-write her study for nurses and parents. We published it in Neonatal Network. Here are the two versions. Version #1 by Ronnie Guillet. Version #2 by Beth and Ronnie.
  • Compare: USA Today has pull-out sections focused on a specific topic. I helped frame up a recent section on Digestive Diseases and wrote the lead article. My media training came in handy here. Compare my writing to the one written by the director of the IBS group.
  • Before and After: I didn't write this article for the Journal of the American Medical Association, but I helped come up with the "crazy" concept of inherited GERD and I'm listed as an author. If you don't have a degree in molecular genetics, reading the original can make your eyes bleed. In this article from Reflux Digest, I explain the ramifications of the genetic discovery. It isn't exactly a translation - more of an explanation.
  • Web content, brochures and newsletters: Of course you can always to go www.reflux.org and see my writing. The newsletters are the best writing examples since I was the editor and the primary writer. I collected a vast amount of information, select articles on a theme or to appeal to new members and old-timers. Then I summarized the information in Plain English. You can find back issues of Reflux Digest in the READING ROOM, at the bottom. (Please ignore any typos, the workload was extremely high and I often finalized things in the middle of the night.)
  • Before and After: This article on proteomics has more tables than text. http://genomemedicine.com/content/pdf/gm169.pdf If you don't have a science background, it is very difficult to read. Here is my summary in simpler language. It was written for doctors so it isn't as easy to read as most of my writing. It took less than three hours to complete this assignment.
  • Featurette: This is called a "Featurette." It is a short article that is designed to be used by small newspapers that need to fill space. This one was issued in Spanish and English and was used by several hundred newspapers and web sites.
  • DIY: The decision to spray-foam the attic of my 1937 house was astonishingly complicated. I wrote a story for my neighborhood newsletter.
  • Before and After with editorial comments: A doctor friend needed to answer questions in an online forum. He has a type of dyslexia that jumbles his writing so he pays me to clean it up. Here are some sample documents. Unfortunately, we didn't capture the original questions that he was answering. This client wanted suggestions to use in future writing, so you will see comments in the margins about why I'm changing certain things or why I suggest he expand on something.

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