Clarity Writing and Editing

"It is clear from reading her writing that Beth has the ability to succinctly and effectively communicate her thoughts in the written form. As a client, Beth was a pleasure to work with. As an author, it is obvious that Beth knows her stuff. I would recommend her as a business partner and author any time."

Hank Abromson - Attorney

“Beth is a bona fide expert in parlaying complex health terms into an easily understandable dialog with normal folks. Working with her on a piece entirely about digestive wellness, Beth and I were able to tackle complex issues, and hard to understand (and pronounce) words and diseases in order to get the readership of a major newspaper to understand their health risks and the steps they can take to live a better life. Not to mention the fact that Beth is a pleasure to work with, driven, and passionate--she is the total package when it comes to making hard to understand things accessible for the masses. It always has been a pleasure working with Beth to serve my readers.”

Jon Silverman - Editor, Media Planet (produces supplements for USA Today and other major newspapers)

“Beth is a sweet woman and was very easy to get along/work with.”

Niki Heim - former co-worker at a software company

“I first heard of Beth when my daughter was very sick as an infant, and I was referred to (PAGER) for information. The writing and resources available through Beth's non-profit helped me understand my daughter's condition, and gave me tools and vocabulary to speak intelligently with her doctors. Her ability to describe complex medical conditions, medications and procedures is amazing. For a sleep deprived, anxious, and scared mom it was nice to know I had a place to go that could help my family. I later contacted Beth to see if she would be interested in partnering with my children's music label, Toy Block Music. She was friendly, gracious and helpful in establishing connections between my company and PAGER. Toy Block has committed to donating a portion of all proceeds to PAGER in large part because of the experience I had as a parent, and Beth's continuing passion for helping those in need. I would absolutely hire Beth for any freelance writing project I had, especially involving technical or complex language and it's need to be understood by the non-technical.”

Joanna Quargnaley Linsley - entrepreneur

“Beth is a true professional who works hard to get to the heart of the issue. As an advocate for families coping with pediatric GERD, Beth was able to communicate, with passion and efficiency, the right message to the right audience.”

Liz Wagger - VP at NAPS

“I met Beth, the founder of a leading patient advocacy organization for patients and families affected by esohageal reflux disease, when one of my clients was poised to introduce a drug being studied for the treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis. From the start, we knew a big challenge would be to educate target audiences -- patients, advocates and professionals -- about this disease. Beth provided her editing and writing skills to me and my team as we worked to develop written materials, e.g., newsletter articles, videos and advertisements, that would make information about this complex condition available to a range of readers and listeners. This was a critical component of our disease education program. From the start, I had confidence in Beth's abilities and she was easy to work with. I recommend her highly for assignments that require complex language to be "translated" into words that are useful and easily understood. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.”

Valerie Itkin - Senior Vice President, Porter Novelli Life Sciences

“Beth keeps numerous well-managed activities going at the same time, and is in touch with all of them. She immediately recruited both me and my wife to assist in production of a pamphlet, and her drive and energy are admirable. Whenever I called her attention to a tech development she has almost always been aware of it as soon as I was in my professional role.”

Al Reynolds - Reference librarian, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

"I have worked with Beth off and on for years. She is bright, a quick study, understands complex medical and research terminology and, most importantly, can tranlate it into language that the non-science oriented person can understand and digest. She is great."

Lyle Dennis - Principle Cavarocci, Ruccio, Dennis Associates (health care lobbying)

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